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Date de l'annonce : dimanche 15 mai 2022

Intitulé du poste : Ultrasound R&D Engineer

Type de structure : The EMPLOYEE, under the authority of the Hardware Manager, participates in the management of internal and external
R&D projects related to ultrasound for therapy and imaging in line with costs, planning, timelines, product requirements
specifications and scientific and technical constraints, in particular for the development of the COMPANY’s
(investigational) Medical Devices (MD).

In absence of the EMPLOYEE, any other Ultrasound R&D Engineer and by default the Hardware Manager substitutes

Contexte et mission : - Ensure the active transfer of technologies and know-how related to ultrasounds from public research partners for
the COMPANY benefit..
- Participate in the definition, management, control, and evaluation of R&D projects, related to ultrasound for therapy
and imaging, under his/her responsibility, as well as their technical implementation in line with timelines and
allocated resources, and report to the Hardware Manager.
- Write, update and organize review of requirements specification for the MD.
- Identify and solicit potential public and private partners within the context of COMPANY’s R&D project.
- Participate in the coordination of collaborative research program of the COMPANY.
- Develop close relationship with scientific community.
- Ensure scientific representation of the COMPANY to the Academic and industrial laboratories.
- Participate in defining in vitro and in vivo experimental protocols..
- Participate in writing application patent for the COMPANY, in collaboration with external patent office.
- Participate in writing scientific papers and articles.
- Integrate regulatory requirements in the COMPANY’ R&D research programs.
- Supervise the work of technical and technological suppliers in collaboration with the Hardware Manager and the
Head(s) of R&D and Manufacturing Department(s).
Assist the Hardware Manager and the Head(s) of R&D and Manufacturing Department(s) in the technical
development, the manufacturing and the industrialization of the MD.
- Participate in implementing, maintaining and improving the COMPANY’s Quality Management System (QMS)
- Participate in establishing technical documentation, in collaboration with the Quality and Regulatory affairs
- Attend national and international scientific congresses.
- Perform documentary and bibliographic researches.
- Ensure scientific surveillance.

Lieu : 3-5 rue Jules Guesde, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France

Rémunération : /

Diplômes requis : Engineer (or equivalent).

Compétences requises : - Minimum 3 years’ experience in the field of therapeutic ultrasound and ultrasound imaging. Experience in management of therapeutic ultrasound research project. Knowledge in scientific research related to therapeutic ultrasounds. Mastering problematics of the ultrasound excitation chain and emission: signal generation, power electronics, US transducers, wave physics. Experience in design, implementation and execution of tests of the ultrasonic excitation chain and ultrasonic emission. Mastering MATLAB test environment or equivalent. English (written and spoken) fluent.

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