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Date de l'annonce : mardi 19 avril 2022

Intitulé du poste : Post-doctoral research fellowship in aortic 3D/4D MRI – Sorbonne Université, Paris

Type de structure : Cardiovascular Imaging team at Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging, which is under the umbrella of Inserm, CNRS and Sorbonne University and located in the center of Paris.

Contexte et mission : The candidate will work on the EIT Health-funded CMRAI project related aiming at investigating the added value of advanced MRI image acquisition and processing in better characterizing and predicting aortic aneurysms.

The applicant will work in a multidisciplinary environment interacting with researchers and radiologists, as well as with two research engineers currently hired within the CMRAI project to design an integrative and accelerated software from our previous developments in aortic MRI quantitative flow and geometry imaging, in collaboration with the Imageens spin-off.
MRI will include high-resolution 3D angiograms and optimized 4D flow datasets, and image processing will focus on volumetric morphology quantification and the extraction of flow-based parameters to better understand hemodynamics-geometry interactions.

The postdoctoral fellow will be responsible of: protocol optimization on a Siemens Sola1.5T MRI scanner, data acquisition and collection, image processing using existing inhouse Matlab processing tools to extract aortic quantitative biomarkers, validation of the newly proposed software features, statistical analyses, drafting documents to submit to the local ethics committee for clinical studies, preparing manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals and communication documents for the CMRAI project, mentoring students, interacting with collaborators and presenting at conferences.

Lieu : Sorbonne University, Paris

Rémunération : This is a 1-year appointment potentially renewable.

Diplômes requis : Ph.D. degree preferably in image processing/acquisition, biomedical engineering, biomechanical engineering, or related fields

Compétences requises : • Experience in image and signal processing, MRI imaging techniques, programming skills in both Matlab and Python • Statistical modeling • Oral and written English • Communication skills and teamwork capacities

Contact : Please send your CV and cover letter to

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