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Date de l'annonce : mercredi 1 juin 2022

Intitulé du poste : Post-Doc position (organic chemistry and photophysics) – ICMUB – Dijon

Type de structure :
Our research group at ICMUB lab. (UMR 6302, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS, Dijon,, recognized as one of the leading French academic players in the field of "Chemistry for Molecular Imaging", is offering a 24-month post-doc position (preferred starting date: October 2022).

Contexte et mission :
The candidate will be recruited by the Université de Bourgogne and his/her research will be conducted within the context of an European project named "CoDaFlight" and led by a cross-disciplinary consortium (electronic and biomedical-engineers, physicists, chemists, medical scientists, and clinicians). The primary goal of this project is to develop a cutting-edge approach for multi-domain fluorescence imaging based on lifetime measurements , to address challenges in medical diagnosis.

Specifically, the aim of the post-doc work is to design, synthesize and perform structural optimization of emerging/promising classes of NIR-emissive organic-based fluorophores, especially derived from those developed in our group (Bodipys or aza-Bodipys , diketopyrrolopyrroles (DPPs) ), that will be used as lifetime-tunable fluorescent contrast agents. Ability of these novel fluorescent markers to act as effective biolabeling reagents and/or valuable scaffolds for the construction of bioanalyte-responsive fluorogenic probes, will also be explored.

Candidate profile :
Ph.D. in organic chemistry with a good theoretical and practical knowledge in photophysics, truly interested in organic synthesis and analytical chemistry, in particular the chromatographic techniques (semi-preparative HPLC, HPLC-MS, ...) and advanced spectroscopic techniques (steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence, ...). Rigor and care in the experimental work (small scale syntheses, handling of high added-value compounds, ...), proactive attitude towards problem solving and scientific watch, acute sense of ethics and organization, and good drafting/communication skills are required. A first meaningful research experience in chemistry and photophysics of fluorophores and/or "smart" fluorescent probes, may be a valuable asset but not mandatory.

Application documents : detailed CV (+ 2-3 references), a brief summary of research works and a detailed covering letter.

Please visit website of the analytical platform PACSMUB :

Lieu : 9, avenue Alain Savary 21000 DIJON, FRANCE

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Contact : Dr. Christine GOZE, / Prof. Franck DENAT, / Prof. Anthony ROMIEU,

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