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Date de l'annonce : lundi 6 décembre 2021

Intitulé du poste : Post-doctoral Position in Ultrasound Imaging

Type de structure : Skills needed and information:
The successful candidate will hold a Ph.D and will be mostly in charge to build and implement new US sequences on an ultraportable ultrafast US device. These new US sequences should be implemented to speed-up the acquisition rate and to optimize the setup sensibility and efficiency. Then implementation of new algorithms to build new biomarker maps should be also developed. This project requires a good knowledge of the physics of US as well as some programming facilities (Mainly Matlab but some C++ capacities are desirable). Skills in Artificial intelligence would be greatly appreciated, as well as skills in biomechanics and biophysics. More specifically knowledge in elastography methods or Doppler methods would be welcome. Candidate should be skilled to interact with radiologists, physicists, industry and engineers: a clear taste for interdisciplinary research is needed. Financial conditions are based on the Paris-Saclay University postdoctoral grants, and depend on the years of experience of the candidate.

Contexte et mission : Summary of the project:
Goal of the project
This research project ULTRADIAPH aims to develop an ultraportable solution relying on ultrafast ultrasound (US) providing innovative biomarkers of respiratory muscle function and improving the reliability of existing biomarkers. We intend to use this new tool to improve knowledge regarding respiratory muscle structure and function within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with the ultimate goal to improve the management of these patients. Three different aims will be addressed:
Aim 1: To develop a handheld ultraportable ultrasound device for assessing the respiratory muscles within the ICU.
Aim 2: To develop innovative ultrasound-based biomarkers for the assessment of respiratory muscle structure and function.
Aim 3: Improving the assessment of the respiratory muscles using ultrasound within the ICU, improving patient-ventilator interaction.

Opening: November 2021 funded by ANR (for 18 months), Deadline February 1st, 2022.

Lieu : CEA SHFJ 4 Place du Gal Leclerc 91401 Orsay and with collaborators at Institut de Myologie, Paris, Hôpital La Pitié Salpetrière, Paris and eScopics, Saint-Cannat.

Rémunération : Up to 2800 € gross monthly (depending on experience)

Diplômes requis :

Compétences requises :

Contact : Applicants interested in this project can send a CV with references, motivation letter, and eventually recommendation letters to Dr. Jean-Luc Gennisson:

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