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Date de l'annonce : mardi 11 juillet 2023

Intitulé du poste : Inserm Chaire Neurotechnologies – Signal processing

Type de structure : The Inserm chair is opened at the INSERM-Sorbonne Université Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging (Laboratoire d'Imagerie Biomédicale, LIB). The Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging (LIB, U1146) leads research in advanced biomedical imaging and engineering to better understand pathophysiological processes, provide more sensitive diagnosis and improve patient care. Neurological diseases are a key focus in LIB research with i) The Neural Connectivity and Plasticity (NCP) team at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, working with the departments of neurology, neuroresuscitation, nuclear medicine and rehabilitation to probe anatomical and functional organization of neural
networks and their modulation under physio- and pathological conditions in humans by coupling multimodal
neuroimaging and electrophysiology to develop models of connectivity and plasticity, isolate quantitative parameters used as biomarkers to improve diagnosis, prognosis and develop new tools for precision medicine
and ii) The Physiology and Pathology of Microcirculation (PPM) team at Cordeliers Research Center
developing 3D, super-resolution ultrasound techniques based on micrometric localization and tracking of injected ultrasound contrast microbubbles to noninvasively reveal microvascular architecture and flow in the brain for transfer to diagnosis of stroke victims. The LIB regroups multidisciplinary expertise in neurosciences, mathematics, physics, biomedical engineering and clinical research supported by prestigious grants (EU grant programs including ERC, ANR, BPIFrance etc.).

Contexte et mission : The project is to develop new methodologies for processing electrophysiological brain signals (EEG, MEG, iEEG, ECoG, LFP, etc.) to i) develop physiological, pathophysiological and theoretical models of neural interactions and anatomo-functional connectivity, ii) to investigate the relationships between clinical evaluation and metrics of neural dysfunctions to identify biomarker(s) for accurate patient stratification and develop data-driven predictive models of functional outcomes and therapeutic responses and iii) to design assessment and/or therapeutic devices that can be easily used in clinical routine, transportable, usable by patients easily and with secure remote monitoring. On-line and transportable new approaches to optimize personalized neuropathological evaluation and care, that can be used in or out of the hospital, are central to LIB research. One of the best illustrations in this field in LIB is the development of portable device to collect in-ear EEG and mobile app interfaces that enables out hospital EEG monitoring. The recruited researcher will have strong expertise in signal processing of brain signals, have a high-quality scientific publication record and have demonstrated evidence in working in a multi-disciplinary team. In addition, experience in leadership of research groups and experience in the strategic planning, acquisition and implementation of R&D projects are desirable in this context. Lastly, good knowledge in deep learning would be appreciated.

The recruited researcher will reinforce teaching in courses related to computer sciences and signal processing within the bachelor’s and master’s level courses in computing and robotic automation at SU. The undergraduate courses provide an initial introduction to data science and to key approaches in artificial intelligence. Master’s courses are more specialized and organized around a dedicated cursus. The recruited researcher will be particularly called upon to strengthen courses related to advanced image and signal processing within the Master’s degrees in “Computer Science” or “Engineering of Intelligent Systems” or “Robotic Automation”. The recruited researcher will be encouraged to introduce practical laboratory instruction based on his/her research into all levels of training at SU and to contribute to the international program Computer Science Master-level.

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Lieu : Laboratoire d'Imagerie Biomédicale LIB - U1146 Sorbonne Université Inserm

Rémunération : 3 500€ - 5 000€ according to research experience Full Time

Diplômes requis : Education Level : Phd Researcher Profile : R3/R4

Compétences requises : Your application will be evaluated according to the following criteria : - Relevance and originality of the project related to the research field - International exposure in research projects - Your ability to raise funds - Participation in editorial and reviewing activities - Your teaching experience - Your ability to lead a team...

Contact : Application before September, 11 on EVA:

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