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Date de l'annonce : vendredi 8 juin 2018

Intitulé du poste : Associate Scientist – Postdoctoral position, Lyon Area

Type de structure : La vocation de Sanofi est d’accompagner celles et ceux confrontés à des difficultés de santé. Entreprise biopharmaceutique mondiale spécialisée dans la santé humaine, nous prévenons les maladies avec nos vaccins et proposons des traitements innovants. Nous accompagnons tant ceux qui sont atteints de maladies rares, que les millions de personnes souffrant d’une maladie chronique.
Sanofi et ses plus de 100 000 collaborateurs dans 100 pays transforment l'innovation scientifique en solutions de santé partout dans le monde.

Contexte et mission : This post-doctorate (18 months contract) is dedicated to develop in vivo imaging techniques to increase speed end robustness of the evaluation of new vaccines and adjuvants, especially in term of efficacy and bio-distribution.

Identify bio-markers, immune cells and pathways in order to assess the bio-distribution of the components in collaboration with IDMIT (Infectious Disease Models for Innovative Therapies).
Design and perform in vivo imaging studies for mRNA vaccines and new adjuvants projects in collaboration with RNCS (Research and Non Clinical Safety) teams.
This includes:
- Tag specific bio-markers, antigens and adjuvants.
- Design and perform in vitro studies to validate the techniques
For in vivo studies:
- Design experiments and draft protocols. Ask the authorization to the ethics committee
- Realize the in vivo phase on rodents or Non-Human Primates
- Analyze data with dedicated tools (like Living image software) and write appropriate reports
- Present conclusions to internal scientific committees
- Support in vivo imaging activities for other high prioritized projects
- Be a referent for technical aspects on in vivo imaging technologies like manage relationships with the supplier (PerkinElmer) of the IVIS Spectrum CT in Marcy L’Etoile (optical + 3D computerized tomography imaging), organize and monitor regular maintenance and decontaminations of the bioimaging laboratory and imaging devices.
- Support the development of in vivo Confocal Laser Endo-microscopy within Sanofi Pasteur with for example the Cellvizio Lab system from Mauna Kea to be tested on site.

Level 2 and 3 bio-containment facilities with a significant diversity of housed species (rodents and non-rodents) involving compliance to:
- rules of hygiene and safety of the sites
- procedures concerning the welfare and environment of animals
- French and European legislation concerning housing and experimentation on animals
- Sanofi charter on the protection of animals
- High technology level in vivo imaging devices to manage including:
a Photon Imager from Biospace lab with bioluminescence and fluorescence optical imaging modalities
an IVIS Spectrum CT from PerkinElmer with optical modalities associated with X ray computerized tomography allowing 3 dimensions imaging.
This device requires radiation protection management and regular inspections by the French Nuclear Safety Agency, external controls, and internal radiation monitoring.
Note that there is a potential use of radio-labelled compounds in the CEA with specific regulation and security procedures.
The candidate needs an important customer orientation (RNCS & ARD) to be an effective technical and scientific support in bioimaging within the framework of R&D projects, taking into account the organization, objectives and projects of the AMB platform.

This position will have interactions with many people mainly within:
- RNCS in Marcy l’Etoile
- IDMIT: this includes potential periods during the mission when the Post-doctorate will have to work in the IDMIT center in Fontenay-aux-Roses.
- RNCS in Cambridge (mRNA projects)

Lieu : Sanofi Pasteur, Marcy-l'Étoile, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Rémunération : N.C.

Diplômes requis : PhD preferably in immunology

Compétences requises : Immunology ; Preclinical studies (French certificate for the authorization to conduct in vivo studies) ; Optical bio-imaging ; Positron Emission Tomography

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