France Life Imaging

The French network of in-vivo imaging


The France Life Imaging – FLI – network was launched in 2012 to ensure high technological innovation in biomedical imaging and to offer an open access to the academic, clinician and industrial community to state-of-the-art in-vivo imaging technologies and integrated services. FLI’s mission is to increase the French visibility in Europe and worldwide. This infrastructure is coordinated by the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)


FLI is a large-scale and distributed network of research platforms in biomedical imaging. It gathers 38 imaging facilities connected to research teams with a well-known scientific expertise in biomedical imaging. These facilities are organized in 9 nodes covering the French territory. In addition, a national node brings together French laboratories well-known in Information Analysis and Management. FLI also aims at coordinating research efforts through 4 work-packages in the fields of molecular imaging agents, instrumentation and innovative technologies, interventional imaging, and image processing. Finally, two national level strategic work-packages, one for training and one for management, complement the organization of the FLI network. As such, FLI provides a convenient access to a multimodal imaging offering including both imaging systems and integrated services.


At an operational level, FLI enabled the acquisition of new equipment and upgrade of existing systems, the setup of a node for information analysis and management, and currently funds networking actions to reinforce internode collaborations and face the challenges in biomedical imaging, optimizes training, builds a unique national point of entry to the imaging facilities, and establishes a service offering including state-of-the-art technologies and expertise. Moreover FLI aims to facilitate interactions and partnerships between its members and the industry. To achieve these ambitious objectives, FLI establishes agreements with companies interested in the “main contact point” positioning of the infrastructure: these companies benefit from an easier entry into the imaging community in France, and from a simplified access to state-of-the-art equipment and the associated expertise that it requires.


With a 37 million euros funding over 8 years, FLI more specifically aims at:

  • Coordinating methodological, preclinical, translational and clinical research in in-vivo imaging at the French level,
  • Developing and enhancing the service offering in in-vivo Imaging in France,
  • Developing partnerships between academic laboratories, clinicians and industries,
  • Reinforcing the visibility of the French imaging facilities in Europe and internationally
  • Promote the training of the staff of the facilities and the students.


  • The FLI network is composed of 10 nodes, 9 nodes located in regions and one national node:
    • Paris Sud
    • Paris Centre
    • Grenoble
    • Lyon
    • Marseille
    • Bordeaux
    • Grand Est
    • Occitan
    • Grand Ouest
    • The National transverse IAM node for Information Analysis and Management


  • FLI set up 6 work-packages (4 scientific WP and 2 strategic WP)
    • WP 1 : molecular imaging agents
    • WP2 : instrumentation and technological innovation
    • WP3 : interventional imaging
    • WP4 : image processing
    • WP 5 : training
    • WP 6 : management


FLI welcomes and fosters partnerships: please contact us either by email or by filling the collaboration form.
  • Slide 509 CREATIS
  • Slide 574 INSERM-INRIA Visages U746, Rennes
  • Slide 575 F. Maigrot/Ircad/iCube
  • Slide 576 INSERM/CRICM - Plateau MEG/EEG - Inserm U975
  • Slide 1204 Plateforme IRMaGe / S Cantin, A Krainik
  • Slide 578 INT Centre IMRf
  • Slide 579 Laboratoire d'Imagerie Biomédicale LIB / A.Dizeux
  • Slide 580 UMS3428-IBIO
  • Slide 494 Plateforme GAIA / A Broisat