CASToR : plateforme de reconstruction tomographique en imagerie médicale


Tomographic reconstruction is a critical step in medical imaging allowing the exploitation of data acquired during patient examinations. Different algorithms allow  obtaining qualitative and quantitative results by integrating the correction of multiple physical processes associated with the different medical imaging methods. A consortium of academic partners federated within the framework of a starting grant attributed by France Life Imaging (FLI), has  set up an open platform for the reconstruction of multidimensional images, dedicated to medical medical imaging systems. nuclear and radiology. This platform named CASToR represents a unique software development for algorithmic research but also for the optimization of imaging protocols for clinical research and diagnosis. The platform, provides an access to a set of software allowing to program the reconstruction of images. More than 250 users worldwide accessed the platform for basic, clinical, and industrial research projects in medical imagingand the number of number of users is growing.