France Life Imaging

French network of in vivo imaging for biomedical research

Created in 2012 thanks to the Investments for the Future program (Programme des Investissements d’Avenir), France Life Imaging (FLI) is a harmonized imaging network for biomedical research giving access to innovative or even unique imaging equipment systems and to a methodological expertise in all imaging fields to researchers from public research organisations and industries. The CEA (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission) is the principal coordinator, with 12 French Universities and 4 National Research Organisations (CEA, CNRS, INSERM, Inria).

Key features :

  • 9 regional hubs of imaging platforms et 1 hub gathering image processing laboratories
  • A thematic coordination along 4 axes: molecular imaging agents, instrumentation and technological innovations, interventional imaging, multimodality signal and image processing
  • 12 renowned universities : Lyon1, Bordeaux, Aix-Marseille-University, Grenoble-Alpes, Paris-Saclay, Rennes 1, Montpellier, Toulouse III, Universities of Paris, Nantes, Lorraine, Strasbourg
  • 4 National Research Organisms: CEA, INSERM, CNRS, INRIA
  • ~1200 researchers, engineers and technicians.

Missions :

  • Reinforce the network of in vivo imaging platforms
  • Coordinate the preclinical and clinical biomedical research using in vivo imaging innovative systems
  • Provide an easy access to state-of-the art equipment pieces and integrated services in biomedical imaging,
  • Provide the community with image management and analysis tools,
  • Propose an optimised training to young researches, engineers and all researchers accessing the platforms
  • Facilitate partnerships and research collaborations between academic and industrial partners

FLI offer :

  • Easy access to state-of the art imaging systems (Ultra high field MRI, PET-MR, Single-Photon Counting CT, Ultrafast US, HiFU, MEG, opto-accoustic imaging devices, multi modalities techniques)
  • Know-how and expertise in imaging for high societal issues in Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiometabolism, Oncology, neuromuscular diseases, inflammatory and infectious diseases,
  • Numerous sites on the whole France
  • Harmonised professional practices

FLI is definitely opened to the whole research community of European and French research organisations and industrial companies. Please contact us if you wish to start a new project using in vivo imaging with the following forms (mettre le lien).

Main imaging expertise

The node’s research activity is carried out through projects related to the various WP of the France Life Imaging infrastructure:

  • MRI contrast agents,
  • molecular imaging radiotracers,
  • biological markers;
  • dynamic nuclear polarization;
  • Imaging-guided HIFU and interventional imaging;
  • Mathematical simulation and modeling.


The imaging platform offers services at different project levels:

  • writing of imaging procedures,
  • the design of animal models including the creation of ad hoc tools (synthesis of polypeptides, cell culture, animal housing, collaboration with other platforms of the University of Bordeaux and the hospitals),
  • Image acquisition, processing, and biological complementary analyses (immuno-histology; immune-cytology; biochemical assays)


  • Slide 509 CREATIS
  • Slide 574 INSERM-INRIA Visages U746, Rennes
  • Slide 575 F. Maigrot/Ircad/iCube
  • Slide 576 INSERM/CRICM - Plateau MEG/EEG - Inserm U975
  • Slide 1204 Plateforme IRMaGe / S Cantin, A Krainik
  • Slide 578 INT Centre IMRf
  • Slide 579 Laboratoire d'Imagerie Biomédicale LIB / A.Dizeux
  • Slide 580 UMS3428-IBIO
  • Slide 494 Plateforme GAIA / A Broisat