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The WP Training is coordinated by the INSTN of the CEA, which stands for National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology. It is a higher education institution and its mission is to disseminate the knowledge and expertise developed at the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission. As such, it has been responsible for organizing the training of medical doctors, pharmacists and biologists in nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy on a national scale.

Furthermore, in the field of imaging, the INSTN has already organized educational and training activities for early stage and confirmed scientists across Europe within several projects funded by the European Commission.

Based on this expertise, the INSTN has been chosen for the coordination of this WP which main objective is to provide a high-level education in the field of Imaging for both students and professionals, within, throughout and across the FLI consortium. It also aims at ensuring the sustainability, the professionalism and the recognition of the trainings in France and in Europe.

In this context the missions are, on one part, to improve students’ training and professional integration, and on the other part, to ensure the coordination of the continuing professional development. Furthermore, the national and international mobility of students and staff is strongly encouraged and trainings in English are being implemented.

In order to achieve these objectives, the members of a management board, gathering representatives from FLI partners, as well as representatives from societies and other national platforms, coordinate the WP.

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