Coordinator : Pr Vincent Dousset

Project Manager : Anne Thevenoux

Local administrative coordination

University of Bordeaux


About the hub:

With a community of more than 200 researchers, Bordeaux hub offers a site for translational medicine, from basic science and methodology in medical MRI physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer sciences to clinical trials and cohort imaging studies. Proof of concepts, innovations, patents, collaborations with medical industries, TRL scale advancements, are fostered through two main programs: TRAIL for translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory a Laboratory of Excellence and LYRIC a University-Hospital Institute for cardiac rhythm and imaging both funded by the national “Investment for the future” program and supported by ANR, CNRS, INSERM CEA and University of Bordeaux. The strengths are complemented by the medical partnership with the University Hospital of Bordeaux and the Cancer Institute where the imaging community is performing clinical research with one of the highest national rating.

Our strategy, so that today we have pretty recent scans, has been i) to invest in new devices (e.g. FUS, optical imaging, …) where we already had the engineering expertise and ii) to maintain or change already existing devices that were necessary to the community (e.g. MRI 3T, 4.7T, …). We have strongly benefited from FLI investments in Bordeaux, for a total of 3.75 M€ (3.1 M€ achieved today). In order to facilitate the community researches, two buildings were recently opened gathering all the imaging devices: the Institute of Bio-Imaging (3000 m2) connected to the main university hospital in Bordeaux (Pellegrin Hospital) and the LYRIC building (6000 m2) close to the cardiology hospital department (South Hospital).

Expertise and major know-how in imaging, valorized through the scientific activity of FLI

The key sciences themes of the hub are:

  • population imaging through national and international studies such as Human Brain Project, Memanto, 3 Cités, i-Share, OFSEP, Constance, Leopold, …
  • imaging-guided therapy with a special interest on Focused UltraSound (FUS) for cardiac therapy, drug and gene delivery, and breast cancer therapy in collaboration with the University of Utah and several private companies.
  • MRI new sequences methodology, development and proofs of concept used with translational impact for clinical research in ultra-rapid 3D imaging, angiography, bio-distribution of therapeutic agents, etc.
  • in vivo MRI nuclear dynamic polarization DNP exploring metabolic imaging with enzymatic maps to which Bordeaux as a worldwide expertise.
  • new radiotracers and contrast agents, C11, F18, Gd68, Gallium, ultrasmall particle iron oxides (USPIOs) for targeting molecules and cells with multimodal imaging approaches.
  • in vivo imaging of new bio-targets with aptamers, monoclonal Ab, peptides, etc.
  • mathematical simulation and modelling for cancer, heart diseases, and therapeutic simulation.



UMS 3428, PTIB, UMR INCIA, UMR RMSB, Centre de recherche radio thoracique de Bordeaux, IMN équipe 5, Inserm U1049, UMR 5255, UMR 5465, Inserm ARNA, LABRI, LIRYCNeurocentre Magendie

Preclinical and clinical platforms / Managers

– Platform of bioimaging in medical sciences: UMS IBIO  – Anne Thevenoux

– Technological Platform for bio-medical innovation and University-Hospital Institute for cardiac rhythm and imaging : PTIB-LYRIC – Bruno Quesson

Service offering and expertise: click here

Imaging equipments of the platform with FLI fundings without FLI fundings
MRI 4.7 T Bruker (2013)

3.0 T Siemens Prisma (2015)

7.0T Bruker (2011)

3.0T GE (2012)

1.5T Siemens (2014)

9.4T Bruker (2014)

PET-CT Maintenance GE (2008)
CT Micro-CT imaging
HIFU (FUS) Benchtop TRIBOP HIFU (2012)

MRI-compatible Animal HIFU (2015)

MRI-compatible Human Breast HIFU (2015)

Optic Imaging Fluobeam


Tomofluo 3D

Cell-Visio 660 nm

Cell-Visio 480 nm

Chemistry Oligonucleotide synthesizer


Peptide synthesizer


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  • Slide UMS3428-IBIO
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  • Slide UMS3428-IBIO
  • Slide UMS3428-IBIO
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