High-resolution small animal ultrasound imaging

Formation date : Tuesday 5 October 2021

Course overview

The purpose of this training session is to give each participant the key concepts and practice of high-resolution small animal ultrasound imaging in order to become an independent user.

Dates: 05-08 0ctober 2021

Location : Hôpital Cochin, Paris, France 

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  • Understand the principles of ultrasound images acquisition and processing
  • Acquire ultrasound images autonomously
  • Analyse US data autonomously
  • Apply the concepts of US imaging to developmental biology, cardiology, hemodynamics, …
  • Get familiar with current technological evolutions



No specific entry requirements are necessary to attend this training session


◌Introduction to ultrasound imaging : parameters, fine-tuning



◌Advanced ultrasound imaging (contrast ultrasound, elastography, …)


◌Embryo micro-guided injection

◌Contrast ultrasound




◌Abdominal anatomy and tumors


◌Data analysis

Registration fees
Académic : 2000 €
Industrial : 3000 €

Duration : 4 days

Location : Hôpital Cochin, Paris, France

Groups limited to 9 trainees

Training manager :V.Berthonaud  veronique.berthonaud@cea.fr

INSTN Course code : 14A