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Date de l'annonce : jeudi 28 juin 2018

Intitulé du poste : 2018/ 06 /28- Research Associate in Medical Image Research (48 months)

Type de structure : The Creatis laboratory is a medical imaging research unit of international reputation, and its fields of excellence are at the crossroads between the following two areas:
- Identifying important healthcare issues that can be studied using imaging techniques;
- Identifying the theoretical barriers in processing signals and images, and in modelling and digital simulation for imaging of live subjects.

Creatis takes on these challenges by way of a cross-disciplinary approach, based on a matrix organisation that brings together the six research teams working in the fields of information and communication sciences and technologies for engineers and life sciences.

Contexte et mission : SPCCT research Associate in Medical Image Research position requires an individual who is professional, self-learner, with can-do approach, team player with good communication skills. In this role, you will be part of an international research team that is developing a new spectral photon counting CT system (SPCCT).
Responsibilities :
Responsible for preclinical and clinical project of the SPCCT and the IQon system:
- Coordinate and execute research plans performed on both systems.
- Organize all experimental Animal and Human studies described in the European Project Horizon 2020 involving the SPCCT and IQon according to the relevant French, European Union and International legislations (ethical committee, IRB etc)
- Assist scanning of humans when part of clinical research projects
- Conduct quality assurance for scanner performance; identify and escalate system problems to appropriate staff
- Managing all images transferred/stored in PACS or other archival systems

Lieu : Lyon

Rémunération : N C

Diplômes requis : PhD

Compétences requises : Prior experience in a clinical research environment; - Basic knowledge of Windows based systems; - Very good English communication skills both verbal and written.

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