Coordinator : Pr Philippe Douek

Project manager:  Hugo Lacombe 

Local administrative coordination : Université Claude Bernard Lyon I


About the hub 

Under the supervision of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, the Lyon hub relies on both, an internationally renowned biomedical research site combined with research on innovative imaging systems. The methodological and clinical research using in vivo imaging is based on a multimodal imaging equipment installed at at CERMEP on the Lyon-Est medical campus (CERMEP has the IBISA label) and at INSA scientific and technological campus (CREATIS) . The Lyon node offers to the scientific community a wide range of services based on its equipment fleet and a unique clinical environment, completed by the national veterinary school, VetAgroSup, hosting a private contract research center.

The imaging platforms of the Lyon node integrate several innovative equipment:

  • A single photon-counting scanner, SPCCT, for research in humans, unique in Europe,
  • One of the four human PET-MRI scanners installed in France, funded by an EquipEx II and the SESAME IHU,
  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Equipment (HiFU) developed in the labTau for MRI-guided therapy in the prostate, liver, kidneys and heart,
  • One of the 5 MEGs available in France.

In addition, the Lyon node has well characterized cohorts of patients in neurology (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, Institute for Stem Cell and Brain Research, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, CREATIS, and stroke research centre), cardiology (CarMeN) and dedicated expertise in echocardiography.

The research activity carried out in the laboratories associated with the node’s platforms focused along five main axes:

  • The development and validation of dedicated imaging agents for multispectral X-ray imaging for applications in neurology, cardiovascular and oncology,
  • Methodological developments for MRI and NMR spectroscopy
  • Multimodal MRI and intra-vital optical imaging
  • Mathematical modeling,
  • Data analysis; part of the developed software is incorporated to the Image and management analysis hub infrastructure (VIP image processing environment developed within CREATIS).
Preclinical and clinical imaging platforms for biomedical research / contact
  • Multimodal and Molecular imaging using PET and MR PET, SPCCT, MRI : CERMEP – Luc Zimmer,
  • Centre de Recherche en Acquisition et Traitement de l’Image pour la Santé : CREATIS – Olivier Beuf,
  • Laboratoire des applications Thérapeutiques des Ultrasons : LabTAU (U 1032 INSERM – UCBL) – Cyril Lafon



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