Coordinateur :  Daniel Fagret

Structure administrative : Université Grenoble Alpes

Chef de Projet : Samira Hafraoui



The “Life Sciences Imaging platform of Grenoble” is dedicated to support research in preclinical and clinical imaging. It groups together more than 120 permanent researchers, 77 doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, chemists, physicists, engineers, technologists, biologists, pharmacists and medical doctors. Its objective is to develop, in a harmonious and coherent manner, the most relevant tools, equipment and methodologies for the in vivo exploration of physiopathological processes in animal models and in humans. The performance of these systems exceeds that of commercial systems. The equipment and associated expertise are accessible to the academic and industrial community.

Main expertise and know-how in imaging within the scientific framework of FLI

Methodological research focussing on (i) new optical equipment, X-ray imaging and nuclear detectors, (ii) new optical and nuclear imaging agents, (iii) intravital microscopy, (iv) neurophysiology, (v) perfusion imaging by MRI, (vi) stereotactic radiotherapy guided by tomographic imaging. Combining our wide know-how and expertise in these scientific, technological and applied fields enables optimal solutions for integrated multimodal imaging for new in vivo molecular imaging solutions.

Preclinical and clinical platforms / scientific managers

The hub has 6 main imaging platforms:

  • Multimodal interventional imaging (perioperative MRI, SPECT, MEG, confocal microendoscopy, fluorescence microscopy): Clinatec – Vincent Auboiroux,
  • Optical and opto-acoustic imaging: Optimal – Véronique Josserand & Jean-Luc Coll,,
  • Nuclear and US imaging: GAIA – Alexis Broisat & Catherine Ghezzi,,
  • Clinical and preclinical MRI, MRI-guided FUS platform, high-resolution preclinical X-ray scanner, stereotaxic irradiation platform guided by X-ray tomography: IRMaGe – Emmanuel Barbier, Tiphaine Jouanno & Hélène Elleaume, emmanuel.barbier@univ-grenoble-alpes. fr,,
  • Neurophysiology, EEG, TMS: Neurophysiology – Aurelie Campagne,
  • IntraVital Microscopy – MIV: linear, non-linear and photo-acoustic – Boudewijn van der Sanden,

Associated research laboratories

U1039,; U1209,;, U1216 (équipe 5),;; U1205, CLINATEC, ; UMR 5250,, TIMC UMR5525 (équipe SyNaBi),,  INSERM UA7,

  • Slide Imagerie Clinatec / P Avanian
  • Slide Plateforme OPTIMAL / CR-INSERM-UJF U823
  • Slide Plateforme GAIA / A Broisat
  • Slide Plateforme IRMaGe / S Cantin, A Krainik
  • Slide Plateforme MIV / F Appaix