Grand Ouest

Coordinator : Pr Jean-Christophe Ferré

Project manager : under progress

Local administrative coordination : Université de Rennes et Université de Nantes


About the hub

FLI’s Grand Ouest hub is one of three nodes integrated into the infrastructure on June 1, 2020.

The hub includes fourimaging platforms,

  • NeurInfo (imaging and neuro-informatics platform),
  • PRISM (Multi-modal Imaging and Spectroscopy Research Platform),
  • CRCINA (Research Center in Cancerology and Immunology Nantes-Angers), located in Rennes, Angers and Nantes.
  • PLaTIMed (Facility for design and evaluation of medical devices), located in Brest

Affiliated to the Biogenouest network, these platforms are under the main supervision of the University of Rennes 1, University of Nantes, University of Angers and INRAE.

The equipment for in vivo imaging spans all modalities with the exception of optical imaging. This state of the art equipment is associated with a specific expertise of each platform.

For preclinical research, the hub offers an access to the following equipment:

Clinical research is mainly based on MRI and computing modeling implemented on the NeurInfo platform ( ). Neurinfo platform is equipped with a 3T MRI installed at the Rennes University Hospital.

Main expertise

 Associated with the equipment, the Grand Ouest node has expertise in the following areas:

– Quantification of physiological and metabolic parameters (perfusion, concentration of bioactive molecules, body composition, receptor density) and other biomarkers (water diffusion, relaxation times, etc.) for preclinical applications in oncology and nutrition (PRISM platform),

– Molecular imaging applied to immunology and oncology,

– Image processing in the context of oncology

-signal processing and tomographic image reconstruction

– Neuro-informatics in the context of diseases of the nervous system,

– Population imaging.

Imaging platforms and manager

Research laboratories associated to the platforms